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            bearings for two-way stretch equipme
              Bearings for high temperature which are produced by our company for two-way stretch equipme...
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            Product List
            precision machine tool bearings and electric spind
            frequently-used bearings
            bearings for special equipments
            Agent products
            Products pictures
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                  Luoyang Bearing Science & Industry Co ., Ltd is subsidiary of Luoyang Bearing Science and Tchnology Co ., Ltd, which in charge of the products of “ZYKG”. ZYKG products mainly in the light of export trade special high-end and domestic special bearings ...
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            Marketing E-mail:
            Marketing E-mail:
            Henan Province, Jilin Road, Luoyang Jianxi District No. 1
            Tel :
            086-0379-6488 6557,6488 6516,6488 1530,64881178
            Fax :
            086-0379-6488 6559,6488 1522
            Copyright 2009 Luoyang axis Institute Science and Industry Ltd     Address: Luoyang, Henan     E-mail: chenxj_88@yahoo.cn
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